Design for classic jackpot gokkasten

As you might have already understood, we offer very broad services when it comes to designing. So when a Dutch potential customer approached us asking if we could design a gokkast, we immediately became enthusiastic. Gokkast means slot machine in their language and they seem to love them a lot. Especially the classic jackpot gokkasten are popular in their culture. That is why we wanted to try our best to create the best possible casino game that we could imagine. Let us tell you more about the process.

Choosing a casino theme

Before creating classic jackpot gokkasten or any slot machine for that matter, it’s important to come up with a casino theme that hasn’t been used too many times before. We chose to stay close to home and choose the Indian Princess theme. Not only because our own Hollywood, which is called Bollywood, is very popular worldwide. But also because there are a lot of Hindustani’s in the Netherlands and its former colonies. So it should be a theme that the target audience can relate to. Which is always important if you want to create something that people have to keep coming back to.

Designing the casino characters

When we talk about creating a slot machine, we only mean the design. Unfortunately, we do not have the expertise yet to actually create our own classic jackpot gokkasten. But we are working on it and one day we will. For now, we just needed to create the design of the slot machine and the characters. As we wanted to stick to our topic, but still give it a new edge, we decided to let the game take place in a casino. It had to be about a secret love between two fictitious Bollywood stars who could only meet late at night at the casino. We didn’t have to look far for inspiration for the beautiful appearance of our two heroes. The other symbols were items from the woman’s purse and from the man’s pockets. Their names are Raya and Jay.

Progressive jackpot

We decided that this game wouldn’t be just any slot machine. Which is why Casino Love, as the game is called, ended up being a progressive jackpot. This means that it is not just a regular jackpot game, where you win a pre-set prize when you get a certain sequence of symbols. Casino Love has a jackpot that is made out of a percentage of all the wagers that have been placed in this game in all casinos that offer it. The game is quite new and already the jackpot has already reached nearly a million euros. This will only grow in the future as the game gets more popular.

Klassieke Gokkasten B.V.

The company that approached us for this very special assignment is Klassieke Gokkasten B.V., which means Classic Slot Machines Ltd. They have a clear focus on developing online casino slot machines that are pretty classic. So don’t expect any top notch animations that you nowadays find in the video slots. That means, until now. We have attempted to make classic jackpot gokkasten more modern by giving them a Bollywood worthy introduction film. In the film for Casino Love, which you can skip if you prefer, you’ll get to meet Raya and Jay and follow them on one of their secret dates in the casino. They might end up winning a lot of money on their favourite slot machine. But they might also lose. Especially if you come along and run away with their wins. Try your luck and this might end up happening.